Images from the various JWST projects can be found on this site here.
The first paper resulting from my JWST GTO time is on the protostellar jet HH211, including NIRCam imaging & NIRSpec integral field spectroscopy. This was published in Nature on 5 October 2023, as is available Open Access here:
Our image of HH211 was used on the front cover, as below.
We have submitted the first two papers resulting from our JWST near-infrared survey of the Trapezium Cluster & inner Orion Nebula. They were made available here at the same time as ESA's image release at 12:00CEST on 2 October 2023 and ahead of them appearing on arXiv in the following days, where the links below now point.
Both papers have been submitted to academic journals, but have not yet been refereed, so the results should considered preliminary – caveat emptor.

Paper 1
M. J. McCaughrean & S. G. Pearson
submitted to Astronomy & Astrophysics

Paper 2
Samuel G. Pearson & Mark J. McCaughrean
submitted to Nature
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